Religious Education

Catholic Faith Formation at Saint Mary Cathedral is the equivalent of Religious Education (under various names RE, CCE, CCD, etc.) in other parishes. CFF primarily serves public school families with children from age 4 through high school, the homeschooled as well as adults. The processes offered allow the whole family ongoing growth in faith, community and discipleship. The director of CFF, Jaeson Drummond, is happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the following information.

The calendar continues with a multi-generational approach. CFF offers faith enrichment for both children and parents who meet as a family with teams of facilitators/catechists. Parents and any other interested parishioners also have an opportunity to participate in an adult group setting for their own scripture and faith enrichment. Parents may also opt to attend their children’s sessions. We reflect on God’s Holy Word and how we are called to know Jesus through our holiness and discipleship. We utilize music, scripture and the Catechism during Sunday sessions.

Students, including the Youth Ministry program, attend morning classes on Sundays from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m..

Sacramental preparation for ALL ages is offered here at Saint Mary Cathedral. First Reconciliation and the Eucharist are usually received around the age of 7 (preparation is also available for older children). Based on diocesan policy, Confirmation will be offered for young people aged 14 to 16 years. In order to have a solid sense of the Catholic faith and church community prior to receiving sacraments, preparation is a minimum two-year journey for children. Enrollment in CFF is the starting point. A more focused sacramental preparation begins in the second consecutive year of consistent attendance. Sacraments can only be received if a person has been adequately prepared. Copies of all applicable prior sacramental records are required for anyone seeking sacraments.