U.S. Armed Service Members

In Recognition of our Service members...

  • SPC Phillip A. Thompson, currently in Iraq, son of Dolores Thompson 
  • Capt. Stephen Vissers, US Navy,  serving on the USS Kittyhawk. He is the son of Mrs.  Josephine Vissers
  • SPC Adrian E. Sanchez, 82nd Airborne Div, son of Ms. Rachel Sanchez
  • Capt. Kelly Padden Hall, USAF daughter of Brian and Jennifer Padden. 
  • CPL Paul Rivera, son of Fred and Evelyn Rivera [KIA Oct 22, 2011, Logar Prov. Afghanistan, he was 26 years old]  
  • PFC Philip Rivera, Son of Fred and Evelyn Rivera; brother CPL Paul Rivera is listed above
  • Ensign J. Shane Moses, USN:  Helicopter pilot stationed at Pensacola, FL and Cadet Evin D. Moses, Coast Guard Academy; New London, CT sons of Mark and Herlinda Moses
  • SGT Cohen Kanewske, US Army, son of Craig and Kathy Kanewske
  • Sgt Troy Best, US Army, husband of Mrs. Rhonda Best.
  • 1 LT Patrick Kuiper, United States Army
  • Rory J. Vielma, US Marines, son of Jesse and Sulema Vielma
  • Staff Sergeant Jason Bird, US Army, husband of Silvia Bird
  • Senior Airman Patrick Ross Lara, son of Leonard and Gloria Lara
  • PFC Carwin James Gonzalez, son-in-law of Leonard and Gloria Lara.
  • Christopher Ty Trevino, son of Albert Trevino Jr.  Currently serving in Afghanistan, 2-18 Infantry Division, US Army
  • Adrianna Rohlak, US Army, Fort Brag (no photo available)
  • SPC Nicholas Jennings (no photo available)
  • SGT Jose Martinez (no photo available)
  • SGT William Speer, US Army currently serving in Afghanistan, 9/9/2013
SPC Philip A. Thompson

SPC Adrian Sanchez

Sgt. Troy Best

Rory Vielma

Jason Bird, Staff Sergeant US Army

Christopher Trevino

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