Feeding the Homeless

We are called to feed the hungry. We are also called to protect our parishioners, especially our children. We can do both with a bit of diligence.

Should anyone who is homeless arrive at Bishops Hall on a Sunday morning asking to be fed, please ask him or her to wait outside and let the leader of the ministry sponsoring breakfast welcome the homeless.

• The safety of our children is paramount. Hence, at no time can a homeless person be left without escort while in Bishops Hall.
• If you ask a homeless person to join you, you must accompany that person for the entire time he or she is in Bishops Hall. You must pay for the requested meal.
• If a homeless person asks for a meal, the sponsoring ministry may provide them one serving of the meal at no cost. However, if he or she is without escort, he or she must exit Bishops Hall to consume the meal. He or she may exit only onto the outside of Bishops Hall on the 10th Street side.
• If, for any reason, a homeless person is asked to leave the premises, he or she must do so immediately. DO NOT engage in any animated verbal or physical altercations. Immediately call 9-1-1 and ask for assistance.

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