Holy Orders

When a young man feels called to the priesthood or a young woman to consecrated religious life, it is appropriate for them to contact their pastor. His guidance will be extremely beneficial to them. Married adult men (age 35 or older) should likewise contact their pastor for information on becoming a deacon.

Please visit the Diocese of Austin Office of Vocations website by clicking on the link to the left entitled, Office of Vocations.

Prayer for Vocations

Lord, Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of our souls, you who know your sheep and know how to reach our hearts, open the minds and hearts of those young people who search for and await a word of truth for their lives; let them understand that only in the mystery of your incarnation do they find full light; arouse the courage of those who know where to seek the truth but fear that what you ask will be too demanding.

Stir in the hearts of those young people who would follow you but who cannot overcome doubts and fears and who in the end follow other voices and other paths which lead nowhere.

You who are the Word of the Father, the Word that creates and saves, the Word that enlightens and sustains hearts, conquer with your Spirit the resistance and delays of indecisive hearts; arouse in those whom you call the courage of love's answer: "Here I am, send me!"


Pope John Paul II

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