Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Catolico

Time commitment: Every other week

Meetings: Friday or Saturday evenings

Approximate number of members: 10

Most successful events: Getting involved in other ministries

You might be interested if: You are a Spanish-speaking married couple

Little known fact: We sponsor couples retreats, teenager retreats and divorced and widow support groups.

Tiempo que hay que invertir: Cada otra semana

Los viernes y los sábados en la tarde

Número de miembros: 10

Eventos más destacados:
Formar parte de otros ministerios

Usted pude que se interese si: Está casado y los dos hablan español

Detalle informativo:
Nosotros patrocinamos retiros para matrimonios, jóvenes y grupos de apoyo para divorciados y viudos.

In various parts of the world there have been groups of married couples who, through concern for their families and communities, have sought the means to realize an apostolate of the family. Among the oldest of these groups are the Team of Our Lady in France and Christian Family Movement in the Unites States. Both have made their influence felt beyond their frontiers and have been the inspiration for most other groups.
1940: Abbe Cafferel started the teams of Our Lady in Paris
1947: First groups of married couples of the Christian Family Movement were formed in Chicago, New York and South Bend, Indiana. Pat and Patty Crowley were coordinators.
1948: On initiative of Fr. Peter Richards, some couples begin to meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina though this group didn't last long.
1950: Again on the initiative of Fr. Richards, some groups arise in Montevideo, Uruguay, and by this time the Movement became consolidated in South America.
1955: The Movement is now a fact in six countries of South America, thanks to the work of Fr. Richards and the Uruguayan couples.
1957: The first MFC Panamerican Conference is held in Montevideo. The Secretariat for Latin America is organized.
1958: The MFC is established in Mexico upon achieving the merging of two groups, which independently and under another name carry out a similar apostolate.
1966: MFC International Confederation is constituted.
1968: MFC is established in Spain on a national basis following the coordination of efforts of various active groups in the country.
1969: Under the auspices of the Christian Family Movement, a meeting was held in Notre Dame, Indiana, of the isolated groups of the Movimiento Familiar Cristiano and of couples who had lived the Encuentro Conyugal. At this meeting, it was decided to organize the Movimiento Familiar Cristiano at a national level.
1975: In the National Assembly that was held in San Antonio, a decision was made to establish the MFC as an autonomous entity in order to be able to offer greater services to the Spanish-speaking families.
1979: The MFC has since spread to 55 cities and every day its growth is continuing

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