Something for Everyone

Too busy? Live too far away from the Cathedral? Too young? Too old? Nonsense! There's an opportunity for everyone to serve, regardless of whatever circumstances you think may be preventing you from helping out or getting involved.

Parishioners with little time
We understand the business of everyone's lives, so we have picked out specific ways for those with little time to help.

Altar Society
Work in a team to clean the sacristy and sanctuary one Saturday morning a month.

Beautification Ministry
Maintain flowerbeds and church grounds as little or as much as you can help. There's always a project needing to be completed!

Cathedral School of Saint Mary
Help the school on a project basis -- Fall Festival, Gala -- or just help sell H.O.P.E. cards after Sunday Masses. You're already at Mass anyway! What's an extra 30 minutes spent talking to parishioners?

C-YA (Catholic Young Adults)
Adults in their 20s and 30s can join C-YA for spiritual, service and social activities whenever you're available -- no regular commitment necessary!

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
You're at church every week anyway ... you might as well serve while you're there! No extra time required (except for the initial one hour training).

Like serving as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, you're at church every week anyway ... you might as well serve while you're there! No extra time required (except for the initial one hour training).

While you're at church on Sundays, see if you can commit one more hour to helping out in the nursery during another Mass (one before or after the Mass you regularly attend).

Parish Office Volunteers
A little time here, a little time there ... become a parish office volunteer and help the church office staff file, make copies, stuff, organize, etc. Volunteers need just notify the office before they arrive and then show up anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. -- for 30 minutes, an hour, or however long you have!

Sewing Ministry
Have skills with a needle and thread? Volunteers in this ministry help embroider and sew baptism bibs and needlepoint cushions on an as-needed basis. Volunteer from home on your own time!

Show up a few minutes early for whichever Mass you regularly attend and serve as an usher, greeting parishioners as they come into the church and helping collect the weekly offering. The only extra time required is the few minutes you show up before Mass!

Worship Environment Ministry
During the major liturgical seasons, Easter and Christmas, the Cathedral needs help decorating the sanctuary and church grounds. Show up with as little or as much time as you can spare to help enhance the Church seasons.

Live too far away from the Cathedral?
We have ministry opportunities for you to do at home on your own time!

Sewing Ministry
-- Volunteers with an embroidery machine can embroider the Cathedral’s baptismal bibs. Pattern provided.
-- Seamstresses can sew embroidered Baptism bibs.
-- Needlepointers can help needlepoint 10 kneeling cushions for the sanctuary.

Children, Teenagers
It's never too early to get involved in ministry!

Christian Faith Formation
-- The religious education program at the Cathedral is for all ages! Contact the religious education office at (512) 476-6182 Ext. 28 to enroll your child.
-- If you're in high school, get involved in the high school youth ministry that incorporates spiritual, service and social activities for today's teens. It's a good place to start learning about becoming involved in church ministry.

Altar Server
Students between the fourth and 12th grades can become altar servers and assist at weekend Masses. To serve at the Cathedral is a privilege as you often have the opportunity to serve with the bishop!

Altar Society
Children / teenagers can help clean the sacristy and sanctuary twice a month on a Saturday morning.

Beautification Ministry
Children / teenagers can pick up and maintain the church grounds (gardening -- watering, pruning, light weeding, periodic planting).

Cathedral School of Saint Mary
Children, teenagers can help out in the library.

Cub Scouts
Boys in the first through fifth grade meet regularly to share achievements, receive awards, sing, participate in stories and generally have a good time.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
After Confirmation, teenagers can serve as an EMHC at Mass on Sundays.

Girl Scouts
Girls aged 5 to 17 learn to build friendships and skills, develop or strengthen their own set of values, become more self-confident and help their communities.

After Confirmation, teenagers can become a lector and proclaim the Good News at Mass on Sundays.

High school students can work in the nursery during any Sunday Mass.

Parish Office Volunteers
Children, teenagers can assist the church office staff with administrative tasks / general office duties (fold, staple, stuff, type, file, etc.) anytime during regular office hours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Bulletin stuffers volunteer on Saturdays.

Children, teenagers can assist as ushers at weekend Masses, greeting parishioners.

Worship Environment Ministry
Children, teenagers can help decorate the sanctuary to enhance the Church seasons.

College students
In between classes and study time, there are opportunities for you to serve, too! Especially in ...

Youth Ministry
Young adults can be on the Youth Ministry support team and minister to high school students.

Older parishioners
Along with our ministry opportunities for those who live too far away from the Cathedral, older parishioners have a special opportunity to be praying members of any ministry. Without a doubt, prayers are needed for the Cathedral's ministry program and those who find themselves not being able to help in any other way are asked to pray, pray, pray for us!

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